Lee Hale

Curator and Head of Winterbourne House and Garden, University of Birmingham

Research Interests

Lee first started his career at Birmingham Botanical Gardens as a horticultural apprentice; his love of nature and gardens has always ensured horticulture and heritage sectors jobs in various locations across the UK. Lee returned to Birmingham to take on a lecturer/horticultural supervisor role in the late 1990’s. He now manages Winterbourne House & Garden a 7-acre arts and crafts period site owned by the University of Birmingham. Following refurbishment of the Edwardian house in 2010 Winterbourne now welcomes over 60000 visitors a year from all over the UK. Lee’s work at Winterbourne has also allowed for the development of further interests, which in turn have supported academic research and public engagement. These include The Arts and Crafts movement, Pre-cinema entertainment (in particular the Magic Lantern) and late 19th to early 20th century print. It was the sight of dilapidated letterpress machines in a University of Birmingham property that started the creation of Winterbourne’s very own working printing press in 2012. Winterbourne press has since grown and with the support of a dedicated volunteer team now operates on a regular basis enhancing the work of The Centre of Printing History and Culture. The Press runs workshops and demonstrations to the general public and provides research and study opportunities for university students, schools, local artists and historians.


Contact Details

Winterbourne House and Garden             58 Edgbaston Park Road                University of Birmingham           Birmingham, B15 2RT

0121 414 4944