Jessica Glaser

Associate senior lecturer and Doctoral Researcher, University of Wolverhampton and Birmingham City University


Research Interests

Jessica’s research interests are centred on the design, selection, deployment and reading of type to understand how it is the outward reflection of, and has an influence on, the nature and behaviour of the human mind. She has written a number of books on design and typography and is a regular contributor to conferences and journals. She has recent articles published by the online magazine, Smashing.




with Carolyn Knight, Layout: Making it Fit - Finding the Right Balance Between Space and Content (Gloucester: Rockport Publishers, 2003)

with Carolyn Knight,The Graphic Designer's Guide to Effective Visual Communication: Creating Hierarchies with Type Image, and Color (Hove: Rotovision, 2005)

with Carolyn Knight, Sticky Graphics: Create Memorable Graphic Design Using Mnemonics and Visual Hooks (Hove: Rotovision, 2006)

with Carolyn Knight, Create Impact with Type, Image, and Color (Hove: Rotovision, 2006)

with Carolyn Knight, Print and Production Finishes for Bags, Labels, and Point of Purchase (Hove: Rotovision, 2008)

with Carolyn Knight, Diagrams (Hove: Rotovision, 2009)

with Carolyn Knight,The Graphic Design Exercise Book (Hove: Rotovision, 2010)

with Edward Denison, Roger Fawcett-Tang, Carolyn Knight, Loewy and Scott Witham, Print Formats and Finishes: The Designer's Illustrated Guide to Brochures, Catalogs, Bags, Labels, Packaging, and Promotion (Hove: Rotovision, 2010)

with Carolyn Knight, Ejercicios de diseño gráfico: cuaderno práctico (Barcelona: Gustavo Gili, 2011)

with Carolyn Knight, Diagramas Grandes ejemplos de infografía contemporánea (Barcelona: Gustavo Gili, 2011)

with Susan Kruse (2013) The Library of Lost Books: The Rescue and Remaking of Discarded Library Books (Birmingham: LOLB Press, 2013)

The Graphic Design Exercise Book 2 (London: Francis Lincoln, 2014)

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