Dr Siân Roberts

Archivist and Researcher, University of Birmingham


Research Interests

Siân has over two decades’ experience of working as an archivist with archival and early printed book collections in Birmingham and elsewhere. Her research focuses in the main on Quaker women educators and their involvement in twentieth century refugee relief and humanitarian activism, and twentieth century educational interventions with children and young people in contexts of war or displacement. She is a member of the Birmingham Civic Society’s Heritage Committee and of the Executive Committee of the History of Education Society UK.


Siân is the author of several articles on the history of education and childhood and on Birmingham women’s history.   Of particular relevance to this project is her 2014 publication “‘It is Better to Learn than to be Taught’: Pupil Culture and Socialisation in the Hazelwood Magazine in the 1820s”, in Larsson, A. and Norlin, B. (eds.) Beyond the Classroom: Studies on Pupils and Informal Schooling Processes in Modern Europe (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang GmbH, 2014).