Dr Simon Mowatt

Head of Department for International Business, Auckland University of Technology business school


Research Interests

Simon is the Head of Department for International Business and leader of the Business and Labour History Group within the New Zealand Work Research Institute, Auckland University of Technology Business School, New Zealand. Simon's principal research interest focuses on international business networks and alliances within a historical framework. In particular this research has examined industries that have been transformed by changes in organisation and technology, such as the grocery industry and the publishing industry. During the past ten years he has collaborated with Professor Howard Cox to produce a co-authored business history of the magazine publishing industry in Britain. This was published in 2014 by Oxford University Press under the title Revolutions from Grub Street.



with H. Cox (2014), Revolutions from Grub Street: A History of Magazine Publishing in Britain (Oxford, Oxford University Press)


with H. Cox (2014) "Monopoly, Power and Politics in Fleet Street: the Controversial Birth of IPC Magazines, 1958-63", Business and Economic History On-Line, vol. 12

with H. Cox (2012) "Vogue in Britain: Authenticity and the Creation of Competitive Advantage in the UK Magazine Industry", Business History, vol.54, no.1, pp.67-87

with H. Cox (2009) "Creating Images of Fashion: Consumer Magazines and American Competition in Britain, 1910-1940" Business and Economic History On-Line, vol.7

with H. Cox (2008) "Technological Change and Forms of Innovation in Consumer Magazine Publishing: a UK-based Study", Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, Volume 20, Number 2, pp. 503-520. 

(2007) "Welcome to the club: the hidden importance of trade journals", Grocer's Review, May, pp. 22-24. 

with H. Cox and S. Young (2005) "Innovation and Organisation in the UK Magazine Print Publishing Industry: A Survey", Global Business and Economics Review, Volume 7, Number 1, pp.111-127.  

Simon Mowatt

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Auckland University of Technology Business School, Private Bag 92006, Auckland 1142, New Zealand

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