Meaghan Allen

University of Edinburgh


Research Interests

Meaghan is currently pursuing an MScR in Cultural Studies at the University of Edinburgh, where her research observes how posters on the surface of Warsaw between 1955-2018 participated in significant historic moments such as the 1955 Festival of Students & Youth or the Solidarity strikes of 1980-81. She is interested in how these ephemeral printed pieces of paper have been both witnesses and active participants in Poland’s recent history, and how these posters have and continue to perform within the city’s iconosphere, prompting change, rebellion, and remembrance.

Following her MScR at the University of Edinburgh Meaghan will be pursuing a second master’s degree, this time an MA in History of Art at University College London, where she hopes to transition her research to the distribution of Polish posters, art, and design through the printed visual art and design journal Projekt.

Other research interests of hers include the intersections between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art; book covers and their design; typography; the surfaces of art, meaning the relationship between a work’s medium and its placement/attachment to another surface (i.e. a poster on a city wall or an image printed in a book rather than a magazine); and the relationships of icon/index/symbol in regards to the printed poster medium.


Meaghan Allen

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