Dr Mark Johnson

independent researcher / Helps and futures manager, The printing Charity

Research Interests

After completing his BA (Hons) and M.Litt., Mark studied at The University of St Andrews in The Institute of Theology, Imagination and the Arts where he gained his Ph.D. writing on the use of Imaginative Reidentification as a vehicle by which we may better facilitate a conversation between Theology and the Arts. This work led him to coin the title ‘Seditious Theology’ and this remains the heading under which he continues to explore just what such a theology may look like. He explores the use of print and graphic art by, among others, The Situationist International, Jamie Reid and Malcolm Garrett. By day, Mark works for The Printing Charity in Sussex, overseeing the grant-making operation and external relationships. As such, print tends to occupy both his private and professional life. He is interested in any use of print, graphics and the various symbolic expressions to be found within post-war subcultures and protest movements.



Seditious Theology: Punk and the Ministry of Jesus (Farnham, Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2014)

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