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Research Interests

Mark Bland is the author of A Guide to Early Printed Books and Manuscripts (2010),and numerous articles on the London book-trade 1560-1640, including studies of paper, printing-house history, publishing, typography, and the control of the press. His forthcoming publications include an article on Thomas Newman, a major study of William Ponsonby, Simon Waterson and Edward Blount, and a book on Stationers' Wives, He is also the editor of and old spelling edition The Poems of Ben Jonson for Oxford UP. He has held twenty-one visiting fellowships and taught at De Montfort Unversity. He is also a Freeman of the Company of Stationers.



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·      Katherine F. Pantzer Fellow, Houghton Library, Harvard University ($3500), Spring 2019.

·      Sir George Grey Special Collections Research Grant, Auckland Public Library Heritage Trust ($1000), December 2016.

·      Visiting Fellow, Marsh Library, Dublin (€2000), August 2016.

·      John Velde Visiting Fellow, University of Illinois ($2500), June July 2013.

·      Travel Grant, University of Washington St Louis ($1000), June 2013.

·      Vice Chancellor’s Research Leave (£8300), De Montfort University, October-December 2011.

·      Frederick and Marion Pottle Fellow, Beinecke Library, Yale University ($4000), September-October 2011.

·      Visiting Fellow, Folger Shakespeare Library ($5000), July-September 2011.

·      British Academy Small Research Grant (£7500), August 2011.

·      Honourable Mention, American Publishers Prose Awards: Literature, Language and Linguistics, 2010, for A Guide to Early Printed Books and Manuscripts.

·      Katherine F. Pantzer Fellow, Houghton Library, Harvard University ($3500), June 2009.

·      AHRC Research Leave (£26772), 2007-08.

·      British Academy Fellow, Huntington Library ($4000), October-December 2006.

·      Lester J Cappon Fellow, Newberry Library, Chicago ($2000), July-August 2006.

·      British Academy Small Research Grant (£7500), March 2006.

·      British Academy Fellow, Huntington Library ($4000), May-July 2005.

·      Carl H. Pforzheimer Fellow, Harry Ransom Research Center, University of Texas ($4000), February-April 2003.

·      Kenneth J. Spenser Fellow, University of Kansas ($500), March 2003.

·      Bibliographical Society of America Research Fellow, August-September 2002, for research at the Rosenbach Library, Philadelphia ($3000).

·      A. Bartlett Giamatti Fellow, Beinecke Library, Yale University ($3000), September 2001.

·      British Academy Small Research Grant (£4000), July 2001.

·      Visiting Fellow, Center for Renaissance Studies, University of Massachusetts (non-stipendiary), April 2001.

·      Bibliographical Society Research Grant (£1500), February 2001.

·      Honorary Fellow, School of English, Victoria University, 1999-2000

·      Mayers and William A. Ringler, Jr. Fellow, Huntington Library, Los Angeles ($4000), November 1997-February 1998.

·      Lester J. Cappon Fellow, Newberry Library, Chicago ($1600), June-July 1997.

·      Visitng Fellow, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington D.C. ($2000), August-September 1996.



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·      ‘From First Principles: The Oxford Edition of the Poems of Ben Jonson and Genetic Editing’, Folger Shakespeare Library: Fellows Seminar, September 2011.

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