Alexandre Parré

Baskerville Society Committee member


Research Interests

Alex is originally from France, but since moving to England he has developed an active interest in the history of Birmingham and the West Midlands: an interest, which started with his appreciation of the work of John Baskerville. An architect by training and by profession, Alex has been fortunate in finding employment in England that merges his love of books and history with that of architecture.

Today he is employed as Custodian of the Archives at the Birmingham Assay Office and also as a Conservator at National Trust Packwood House, Warwickshire. In his spare-time Alex is compiling a list of known subscribers to Baskerville’s books and tracing the subsequent owners of the volumes. He is also documenting the whereabouts of all known Baskerville editions.

As a native French speaker, Alex also assists the Society with work relating to Baskerville in France, undertaking reconnaissance trips to the Bibliothèque nationale de France to look at revolutionary material printed using Baskerville’s typeface. Having amassed his own collection of Baskerville’s volumes Alex also keeps his eyes open for any ephemera, ancient or modern, that relates to the printer. 


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